Moultrie County Pest Control

Moultrie County Pest Control is a locally owned business that has been here for 8 years. Rob Young is the owner and technician. He has been in the pest control field for over 15 years and is licensed and insured. He has been a proud member of the SULLIVAN CHAMBER & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT since 2005 and SHELBYVILLE CHAMBER starting in 2012. Please click on the different pages to see what Moultrie County Pest Control can offer you.
We offer many different service plans and treat for MANY different pests.

If a problem should arise during your "off" month or a week or so after your monthly service I will come back and see what’s going on and retreat for FREE. That is an extra service guarantee!!!!!

My community is very imporant to me as well as the surounding communities. During the summer we hit as many of the local parades as we can along with some homecoming parades in the fall. You should see the looks we get from kids as well as adults who see us. We are one entry you won't forget !!!